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Cable Harnesses, Wire Harnesses and Wiring Looms

Paramount electronics are a specialist UK based manufacturer of high performance bespoke cable harnesses, wire harnesses and wiring looms. All assemblies are 100% tested and inspected using computer controlled equipment before leaving our factory. Paramount are here to help you, whether you have: a drawing, a sample, a partly-built machine or just an idea .

With over 22 years’ experience of loom building, sophisticated electronic test equipment that measures continuity and insulation resistance and with a hands-on management staff, well able to produce the looms themselves, supervising a widely experienced and fully-trained team of operators We can solve wiring and assembly problems for a wide variety of industries.

Build to Print

We will take your drawing and manufacture a assembly loom board so we can produce your cable harness, wire harness or wiring loom exactly to your drawing and requirements every time.

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We will work with you to meet your needs from a simple cut wire to a complex cable harness, wire harness or wiring loom assembled with lacing cord, cable ties, expandable sleeving or conduit we welcome all enquiries

Don’t have a Drawing?

We can reverse engineer any existing cable harness, wire harness or wiring_MG_8158 300x157
loom you may have and produce drawings and loom boards ready for

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New Machine?

We will wire prototype machines on your site and, after testing, create drawings and loom boards ready for production.

Why not take a look at our box build service and let Paramount Electronics take care of all your production needs

Our Services:

Multi-stranded assemblies that may include single-strand wires, screened or unscreened cable, finished with lacing cord or cable ties and with expandable or heat-shrink sleeving. We can also supply wires prepared, cut, stripped and tinned.