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1989-2019: 30 years of excellence
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The Company

30 years of experience

Sophisticated methods

A Global Service

We supplement component inspection and replacement with sophisticated simulation techniques that allow us to replicate a normal working environment for many types of equipment.

Over 30 years we have become the experts in circuit board repair. Our proven PCB repair method allows us to address any industrial or commercial electronic repair challenge
- Quickly, economically, efficiently

Major corporations around the world rely on us for the repair of complex industrial and commercial equipment where time is money and reliability is crucial.


Specialist sectors


Some of the sectors in which we have come to specialise may be seen on the Repair Makes page. These are by no means the only areas in which we have expertise in PCB repair.

The company expanded into the manufacture of complex industrial electronic controls and wiring looms in 1999 at premises in Buckingham