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Recent Developments

Paramount Simulators in Action

Compressor Controls

ABAC Compressor Controller

The ABAC Compressor Controller controls the ABAC range of professional and DIY compressed air products

Atlas Copco Elektronikon

The Atlas Copco Elektronikon controller maintains the net pressure between programmable limits by automatically loading and unloading the compressor. A number of programmable settings, e.g. the unloading and loading pressures, the minimum stop time and the maximum number of motor starts are taken into account.

Compair C20605

Automatic protection in case of malfunction:
- Compressor temperature too high
- Engine oil pressure too low
- Engine temperature too high
- Battery voltage too low
- Fuel level too low

Compair Surescan C20606

Comprehensive testing of the sophisticated Surescan system. We have the ability to simulate changes in pressure and temperature thereby triggering alarms. Also any simulated overload will display a simulated fault.

Power Generation

Rustronic Actuator Assy CT91292

The control was designed and built in the late 1970’s & 1980’s, using Norbit logic devices from the late 1960’s. With our experience we are able to test, repair, and replace these devices. Very soon, we will be in a position to provide an alternative replacement

The Lift Industry

Kone TMS50

Otis LB C9673T


Otis LCB B9693A / LCB C9693A / LCB A9693A


Otis LCB-II GDA21240D1


Otis LB C9673T


Otis OVF20


Printing Systems

ebm-papst  G1G170-AB31 Blower

This high volume blower extracts heat, dust and other airborne particles from within a Print cabinet and is then channelled externally.

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